Zumbro Watershed Partnership Series: The Floods of Beaver, MN

Thursday, November 9th at 6:30 PM, Cascade Meadow

Beaver was once a thriving little town in the heart of the Whitewater Valley. But land around it was being overgrazed, burned, plowed up and down the slopes. The result: massive erosion that flooded the small town so often that by the 1940s, most had given up and moved on. The town is now a well-known symbol of what can go wrong when the land is abused. The story may also be a warning for people today to care for their land and water.

John Weiss, who was a Post-Bulletin reporter for nearly 41 years, has been in the former town many times, has researched some of its history, walked up the valley itself and talked with those who once lived there. He will talk about what he’s learned, and the lessons at 6:30 pm at Cascade Meadow.